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Transparent, best execution and low fee for all crypto. Seamlessly and instantly convert between different cryptocurrencies within your AceWallet Wallet.


USDT, a stablecoin pegged 1:1 with USD. You can now store USD in crypto form in your AceWallet.


Instant peer-to-peer transfer. Send and receive cryptocurrency with zero fees in your AceWallet.


AceWallet will undergo a strict process that offers a high level of security in handling user data as well as digital assets. We offer our users protection of your digital assets stored with us.


Buy and spend with crypto and fiat in-app. Easily use fiat to purchase crypto or sell crypto to get fiat. Instant conversion, with no hidden fee or commission.


Generate good returns on your crypto assets easily and earn rewards on your crypto holdings. AceWallet all-in-one app saves you the trouble of integrating with many platforms.

AceWallet Loyalty Program

Four-Tier Loyalty Program

The Acewallet Loyalty Program bases rewards tiers on the ratio of DAA vs. the value of all the assets in your Portfolio Balance, which must be at least 1%, 5% or 10% respectively for each tier.

Ace Prepaid Card

Coming Soon

Seamless Visa Spending Experience

Freedom to spend your crypto with Ace Prepaid Card in your AceWallet. Convert your crypto into cash seamlessly and make instant payment for purchases online and offline.

Comprehensive Features

Seamless and convenient features for a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency and FinTech experience.


Supports most mainstream cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with a wide range of services.

Crypto Card

Spend cryptocurrencies in the real world via virtual crypto card that converts crypto into fiat.

Crypto Exchange

Buy, sell, trade and swap cryptocurrencies in real-time in-app.

Payment Gateway

Unique Merchant and POS systems that instantly converts crypto to fiat when you make purchases.

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