Earn Commissions for Each Active Client You Bring

Introduce Ace Earn to your audience and earn a steady stream of income.

What's in It for You?

Make money each time an invited user earns interest.


APY of the earned interest for your investment


APY of the earned interest by each direct sponsor


APY of the earned interest by each 2nd tier sponsor

Project Your Earnings

30% APY
Direct Sponsor 7.5% APY
2nd Tier Sponsor 1.5% APY


Annual Percentage Yield

Download and Earn

Getting Started Is Easy

Become an Ace Affiliate in 3 simple steps.



Register your account at Ace eWallet and get your unique link for your audience.



Create content for your favorite networks and encourage followers to grow their crypto holdings with Ace eWallet.



When a user joins via your link, you’ll get paid each time they earn interest.

The Perks

Partner with a trusted digital assets institution and get help every step of the way.

No Cap, No Limits

The more new users you introduce to Ace eWallet, the more revenue you’ll earn.

Real-Time Reporting

Track the earnings generated by your unique links from a single dashboard.

Long Cookie Duration

Earn commissions for users who register after they click on your link.

Professional Support

Receive support from our professional customer service. We’re here for you!

Daily Payout

Get daily payouts based on the activity of your referrals. The more active they are, the more you earn.

Global Reach

Promote Ace eWallet to users around the world and earn commissions on their activity, regardless of their location.

Who Are We Looking for?

Social media influencers
Bloggers and podcast hosts
Crypto community leaders
Bloggers and podcast hosts


Are there any requirements to become a Ace Earn Affiliate?
We do not have any specific requirements – anyone can join Ace’s Affiliate Program and start generating revenue. The only requirement is that you’re not sharing any inappropriate content.
Where can I track my earnings?
You can view your earnings inside your Ace eWallet dashboard and see your earnings.
How should I get started?
Depending on the content you usually create and share with your audience, you can start by making a review of Ace eWallet, talk about our FSA license, and about staking at Ace Earn to earn up to 30% APY so that your audience can get a thorough understanding of the product before posting display banners.
Are there any prohibited marketing methods?
Our only requirement is that you don’t bid on brand-related keywords – everything else is there for the taking! To be on the safe side, you can add “Ace eWallet” as a negative word in your Google Ads account.

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